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Are we ready for Leo Burnett's "David on Demand"?


If anyone ever doubted the upcoming Cannes International Advertising Festival was rapidly becoming little more than an excuse for ad professionals to party and ignore their regular responsibilities while frolicking on the Riviera for a week or more, Leo Burnett is giving us one more reason to assume the worst about the annual ad fest.

In what can only be described as a stroke of unbridled tastelessness, the agency is sending one David Perez, its creative recruiter no less, to the Cannes confab to execute what is being called "David on Demand."

As he informs us in a brief intro to the project at, Perez will be at Cannes wearing a special pair of eyeglasses equipped with a Web cam, so we who aren't there can watch him do whatever people command him to do via tweets. Perez said in the video that if someone asks him to jump in a fountain at Cannes, he will do it. "I'm your b**ch, I'm your slave," says Perez in the video, sounding as if he truly relishes the prospect of what awaits him.

Burnett has plenty of problems to deal with at the moment, not least of which is a dearth of new business. Does it really need its name attached to this type of trashy exercise in attracting attention? Absolutely not. Nonetheless, David on Demand is set to go live June 21.


You don't get it. We are hip, Louis. And we are showing the world just how hip we are. Just because we don't have clown hair like Bob Greenberg doesn't mean we don't know our way around the internethingamabob. We do.

srsly, lame

the industry urgently needs changes, so they r just looking for the ways

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