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Another option for Zig/Chicago going forward?

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As we wait and wonder whether Zig/Chicago will survive the staff exodus and a dearth of new business, another possible option for the shop going forward has come to our attention.

That would involve bringing together the various other Chicago entities that are part of the Toronto-based MDC Partners ad agency holding company (which Zig is part of) in the large office space on North Michigan Avenue now occupied by the small Zig operation. This would put all the Chicago-based MDC shops and their services under one roof and presumably make it easier for future clients to pick and choose what they need from the lot of them. Also it would help mask the fact Zig is, at present, a very small operation indeed. Whether this option ultimately proves more attractive than other possibilities remains to be seen.

In the meantime, it appears ex-Zig/Chicago chief creative officer Stephen Leps is still dealing with immigration issues that must be sorted out before he can commence his new job at Leo Burnett/Chicago. Sources say he will have a very top level post in the agency's creative department with a direct report to chief creative officer Susan Credle.

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