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Amy Jacobson to appear on WMAQ-Channel 5 in "24/7" segment


DSC00798.JPGAmy Jacobson, the ex-WMAQ-Channel 5 reporter now turned conservative talk show co-host on WIND-AM (560), will make her first appearance on Channel 5 in nearly three years when she shows up on June 12th at the rather early hour of 12:30 a.m. in a segment for the local TV show "24/7 Chicago."

In the segment Jacobson and three other women, including "24/7" host Catie Keogh, Kathleen Henson and Mary Smithe, pay tribute to the characters from the popular "Sex and the City" TV series and subsequent feature films -- the latest of which has been near universally trashed by movie critics. For the tribute, the four Chicago women dressed to resemble the "Sex and the City" characters.

Jacobson was abruptly dropped from WMAQ in 2007, after she showed up in a bikini with her kids in tow at the home of Craig Stebic, whose wife Lisa had gone missing. WBBM-Channel 2 caught the Jacobson visit to the Stebic home on tape and subsequently aired it.


Well that the closes shell get ever getting back on NBC LMAO. I hear that Craig Stebic & Drew Peterson will be with her also in a hot tub sence.

Amy get over it ! You know your never getting on TV ever again in this town. Is Drew Peterson & Craig Stebic Going To be guest stars with you. Get real AJ. PS. Thats the closes you'll ever get to NBC.

she was trying to get a scoop for a story. who cares what she was wearing. i think it's stupid that her career was ruined becasue of one "mis-step". get a life people.

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