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McDonald's CEO says Ronald McDonald isn't going away

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Why aren't we surprised? McDonald's CEO James Skinner -- in no uncertain terms -- told investors at the annual shareholders meeting today that the burger behemoth's famous icon Ronald McDonald has no intention of "retiring" from the company.

This comes in the wake of a search posse's attempts on Wednesday to track down Ronald in Chicago, put him in a van and take him off to retirement. The posse, comprised of clowns, civilians and other retired mascots such as Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man, was the brainchild of a Boston not-for-profit called Corporate Accountability International. Skinner, addressing shareholders who took issue with the chain's use of Ronald, reportedly called the mascot a "force for good." Which doesn't jive at all with CAI's view. The CAI organization maintains Ronald is an important part of McDonald's effort to manipulate kids into eating unhealthy foods.

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