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"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" seeks Chicago family


ABC's popular "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is looking for a Chicago area family to spotlight on the show. The show's casting producer has put out a call to Chicagoans to consider submitting requests for a makeover. Host Ty Pennington and his crew last did a home makeover in the Chicago area in 2006.

'We want to help people whose stories have really affected their community or made a big difference in other people's lives," said supervising casting director Adam Drucker. To be eligible, a family must own their own single family home and be able to show producers how a makeover will make a huge difference in their lives. Interested families should e-mail a short description of their family story to The deadline for nominations is May 28, 2010.


Dear Extrememakeover cast,

My name is Beonca,i am 16 years old. My mom has been struggling for many years and we have moved 4 times from home to home within 6 years and i am tired of seing my mom struggle i won't my mom to be at peace finaliy.

Thank you,
please consider

Dear Extreme Makeover Staff:

I have a Japanese friend who really needs a home makeover very badly. Her husband passed away 3 years ago leaving her with two small children. She has been trying to sell the home but it really needs updating and a third bedroom. She has had a hard time finding employment enough to take care of her two kids.

Can you please help her? She is a wonderful lady.

Thank you,
Karen Sapp

Dear Extreme Makeover: I am a big fan of the show. My mom is a single parent who has been struggling to take care of me and my brother for as long as I can remember. We have a lil brother as well and it really hurt me to see him get a glimpse of what we already went through. It is rough, my mom really open her door for those who need a place to stay and can hardly pay her rent, but that doesnt stop her for helping others. She have two grandbabies, five adults including herself and my younger brother in a three bed room apartment on the a hard core side of west Chicago. I would really appriciate it if u could not only bless my mom but also give my younger brother and my son and niece a better chance at life in a healthier environment. Thank You, Catherine M

Dear Extreme Makeover: I would like to give you the name of a family that needs your help! The Alvin Sizemore Family of Shorewood,Il(just outside of Joliet,Il.) They are a family of 7 living in a 3 bedroom house. Marlene & Al are two of the strongest people I have ever seen. There youngest son Lawson has CMT a rare form of MD. He needs a lot of help, and equipment to get around, but the house is so small that it is very hard for him. His bedroom is on the second floor. He has to share the room with his brother, and cousin. Lawson is so smart,sweet,kind, and full of life! He needs a house that will help him, not hold him back. Please help them! Thank you. Paula Wetstein

Dear EHM! My brother is a firefighter here in chicago, married with two children. He recently opened up a karate school near his home to better serve the community. One of his children is disabled and needs to be in a wheelchair at all times. He is getting too heavy to carry therefore my brother has begun repairs on his home to make his son's life a little easier. Unfortunatly he has not been able to continue with the repairs do to the fact that he has to work full time in order to provide for his family and money also play a major role on the stop of repairs. He also spends a lot of time servicing the commnity with his karate school. Please consider him and his family for an Extreme Makeover! Thank you...

Dear extreme makeover i have a family that really need your help my Mom is 64 yrs old and my dad is 75 yrs old they have been through a lot we have a big family there is a total of 8 people in the house my mom thought she would finally have a home to be comfortable in by believing in this contractor who remodeled thier homebut only leaving it unfinish it really hurt me to see my parents struggling to pay thier mortgage with a home that is not finish how can you ever be comfortable my parents will help everyone out even though they are struggling ,my father is old he is not able to do as much it hurt me to see him trying to fix a home that cant be fix i really wish they can be comfortable they shouldnt have to go through this i always wonder why this contractor betrayed my parents they have feelings please help

Extreme Makeover, I am writing on behalf of my niece, who is a single mother of four. She works as a CNA and struggles to make ends meet, but despite her struggles her oldest daughter just graduated from college. She has a young adult son who helps her and two smaller daughters, ages 7 & 9. They currently live in the home purchased by my parents in 1963. In honor of my dad, the home has remained in the family, but due to her limited finances several improvements are needed that she has not been able to afford. She is a remarkable young lady with strong faith, she does not complain about her situation and faces challenges as they come; unfortunately she has faced many. She is grateful for everything she has, but I would just love to see her in more comfortable surroundings. Thank you for considering her for the next Chicago extreme makeover.

May 24, 2010
Dear Extreme Home Makeover Team,

This is approximately the 10th draft of this letter. I am so hopeful that you’ll choose my son’s house that I’ve been trying to say just the right thing. It would be so wonderful for my son to be able to come home to a safe house where he didn’t have to spend every spare minute trying to repair something. This is my final letter and it is coming from the heart.

My son Bob needs a makeover because his house is falling apart and I don’t know how much longer he will be able to keep it standing without doing further damage to his health. He has already undergone triple hernia surgery and just went through back surgery 6 weeks ago. Because his house is in such bad shape, a lot of things that need to be done require heavy lifting, which he should not be doing any more, such as installing window air conditioners now that the temperature is in the 90’s, that are stored in his basement and probably weight 75 to 100 lbs. He feels he can handle everything on his own and even though his friends have offered to help, he says no, because he doesn’t want to impose on anyone, but he tries to help everyone else. A week after his back surgery, he was out on his tractor filling in holes in the road for his community.

As a single mom, Bob has always taken on the role of the man in the house since he was a little boy and the big brother who is always there for his family and friends and continues to do so as an adult.

I try to help out as much as I can by helping with painting and gardening to help make the place more livable and I’ve tried to help out as much as possible financially, but now I’m in jeopardy of losing my home because I haven’t been able to find a job. If I don’t find a job soon, Bob is talking about trying to build a new barn on his property with an apartment above it so that I will have a place to live. This would only delay building his dream home even longer and it is in such horrible shape, I don’t know how much longer we can try and keep it together so he has a place to live.

Over the years due to several circumstances, such as Bob going into the Marines for 5 years, his brother and sister going to college in Missouri, plus jobs that have made it hard for all of us to be together, our family tries at least twice a year to visit each other.

Because Bob enjoys having family and friends come together and his love of the water, he found a house on 3 ½ acres of land on the Fox River in McHenry, Illinois (just northwest of Chicago) and planned to build a home that would facilitate family and friends being able to come out for extended stays and enjoy boating and relaxing on his property. He was so excited about this property. So thinking that he wouldn’t have too much trouble selling his house on Main Street in Algonquin, he went ahead with the purchase of the McHenry property. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to sell his house, so he rented it out and began to remodel the house on the river as cheaply as he could, knowing that he wanted to rebuild as soon as possible. The first renter he had for his house on Main Street was very good and paid on time, so Bob decided since he didn’t have the funds to rebuild his riverfront home first, he would go ahead and put in a boat house and new pier and build a patio off the front of the house because he loved having people over to go boating and has had a big 4th of July party every year since he has lived there.

The first contractor he hired to work on the boat house area finally finished digging out the area and installing the boulders around it after 1 ½ years of fighting with him to get the job done. The first summer after he had completed the work it started to fall apart because the contractor didn’t install it properly. At the end of May 2007, Bob’s job was eliminated and the second tenant he was renting his Main Street house to, ended up in jail for selling drugs and did several thousand dollars of damage to his Main Street house. It took almost a year to get his house on Main Street remodeled so that he could rent it again since he still hasn’t been able to sell it.
Bob was hired back to work 3 months later, but at a 30% cut in pay, so he went through the process of looking for another contactor for the boat house and got recommendations from some people in the area and decided to sign a contract in April of 2008 to get the boat house and pier completed by July 2008. After 2 years of frustration and investing $70,000, Bob fired the contractor on the boat house and as you can see from the pictures I provided the boat house isn’t anywhere near completed and isn’t safe because it wasn’t supported properly. It has been one thing after another trying to keep things going on his property, but Bob keeps on going and doesn’t complain. He loves his property and still is hoping that some day he can build his dream home where his family and friends can come out and visit and enjoy themselves.

I am really worried about him because he does try and take on too much and do all the work himself, not only because he can’t afford to hire people, but also because when he has tried to hire contractors, they haven’t worked out. He is letting his health suffer because he is trying to hold on to his dream of a home where everyone can be together.

Everything in life happens for a reason and I know we’ll get through all of this too, but it would be nice to be able to surprise him with some good news for a change. My hope is that your team will find it in your hearts to help out a guy who has been helping others his whole life and could use some help now.


Diana Sexton (Mom) – 847.452-8032;
120 N. Main Street, Algonquin, IL 60102

Bob Sexton – 847.452-1613;
2011 N. Fernwood, McHenry, IL 60051

Dearest EM:HE, I'm hoping for my family to be perhaps a bonus case, My sister went through a divorce where her spouse left her and her 3yr. old daughter in a home she could not afford on her own. I'm a 45 yr old single woman with no chldren, my story is about the sacrifice,love and devotion of my elderly parents, a retired father and amother who still works to be able to help her two daughters,my parents purchased a small home for my younger sister and I to share (to share the expenses) the home is an old 3bdrm one bath. My parents who have been the ones to finance the many repairs to this home( we could have never been able to afford the repairs) new furnace,tuctpointing, fenceing the yard, our biggest and most expensive repair...the plumbing, cracked and split pipes more than 8ft. Under ground and under the front porch, they had to teardown the porch to get to the pipes,yellow tape surrounded the home for over a month, we couldn't receive mail had to use the backdoor for weeks, the overhead plumbing and construction of the porch cost my parents an excess of $32,000 ,I'm sure the constant repairs have put a big dent in my parents retirement fund. My sister and I are more than grateful to my parents, although we would love to have some minor upgrades and a few additions,we can't afford them and my parents are still trying to have us comfortable in a home where we are trying to exsist and maintain a life for ourselves, I recently lost my job from a major hospital in Chicago, and am feeling down as I was supposed to be a help to my sister and now 5yr. old niece, perhaps your team can find it in your hearts to have us as a bonus case, there may be a family that need you all more, but I would like to relieve my parents of having to feel they need to bail us out at every turn...they are the best support my sister and I have,ALWAYS HAVE BEEN.. there is the three of us(us girls) and one bathrm..=) if Ya'LL HAVE THE TYM WE WOULD APPRECIATE A VISIT FROM THE TEAM...BUT LET ME CLOSE WITH THIS...IF YA'LL DON'T MAKE IT, WE LOVE WHAT YOU ALL STAND FOR AND WE "KNOW" YA'LL ARE SOME WONDERFUL FOLKS!!!

Hello Extreme Makeover family, my name is Mark and I am writing to you about a wonderful woman named Monica Clanton.She lives in the parsonage house on our church property. She is a foster care mother who takes at risk boys and with mental defects. She has an adult son of her own who just recently have a baby. The house is in such disarray that it would cost less for the church to tear it down than to fix the problems that it it has. Monica is very active in the womans church ministry and always helps with any community function even with her health issues. She has to have a constant supply of oxygen becuase she is waiting for a double lung transplant. I just wish we could make her house safer and healthier for her.

Dear Home Edition. Hi my name is Lecola Carey, I'm a single mother of six who purchased a home back in 2007. I know that there's going to be problems when u purchase a old home but not as many that I have indure. I was told that my house was a. refurbished But all it took was for the first problem to arise and. Then I found out that my house was just covered up and not fixed properly. I found dry wall over mold and the pipes gives off a nasty smell,and we don't have heat in the front part of our house,I was told that my floors would have to be torn up to find the problem. I work taking care of people which I love doing it I have been doing it for 23yrs.and now o need help I have a child who has sickle cell and he needs a healthy environment.To live in. It hurts me because when its cold he can't go out and, with his brothers and when it hot out side he can't be out either so during the winter months in my house we have to either cuddle in one room and sleep under a lot of covers or either use a heater which I know isn't safe so its only used in the day.Then recently I found mold in my kitchen and then the pipes busted got those fixed but then it caused more leakages.I'm at my ends but i continue to go on for my children my story goes on.Even if I'm not picked I know that there's a family like me who needs help just like me God bless u all and keep me in your prayer Lecola Carey. 708-543-0475.

Dear Home Makeover~ It is 11:56 Chicago time.. and I only have a moment to ask you to consider Stu and Sue Greenberg for the Chicago Make over...

They have a handicapped daughter and the house is in need of changes to make life easier for the whole family...

They are very hard working people that are very loving and caring and that would appreciate anything and everything!

This would make a great story and help make a great life for the Greenberg Family... Laura(their daughter) would love it to!
Thanks for considering this family!
Cathy Factor

Dear Extreme Makeover:Home Edition,
I am really excited to see the commercial of Home makeover show coming to my city of Chicago. Its been my dream for years to Apply for the Home makeover help.My fifteen year old daughter and I has a great passion in serving in the community helping kids and adults with disability,partaking in volunteer works in my local church activities,serving at soup kitchen where homeless are fed,volunteering at the fostercare kids camps and lots of community service volunteering with my daughter.
I lost my home five years ago as a result of sexual abuse of my daughter by her biological father and that broke the marriage and my home was lost.My question now is how and in what capacity can the home makeover help me and my daughter because we have been moving from place to place since we lost our home in 2005 and we are renting presently.
We are planning to apply for the Extreme Home makeover withouth having a home presently, can we still do that?
Hope to hear your response soon.

Dear Ty,

Twelve years ago, my daughter delivered beautiful twins. Born at 33 weeks, they were miracle babies, especially considering one of the babies, Lindsay, was a "stuck baby." As a result of her mother's pregnancy, a twin-to-twin transfusion pregnancy, Lindsay was born with multiple physical disabilities. Her twin sister, Hannah, has special needs as well. The school district has modified classes for both of them.

Since the babies' birth, my daughter (I call her my "purple sparkle"--she loves purple!) and her husband have struggled to manage Lindsay's needs inside the family home along with her 2 siblings . The demands of being a caregiver are exhausting, but my daughter draws from a limitless store of that energy--that "purple sparkle." However, now that Lindsay is twelve and weighs 80 pounds, caregiving poses new and greater challenges. For example, my husband and I have to drag Lindsay on a blanket "hammock style" up a set of stairs whenever she needs to return to her bedroom. The family is desperate to the point of investing a considerable amount of money, which will seriously strain the family budget, in order to install an elevator and eliminate a bedroom in their quad-level house so that moving Lindsay to her bedroom or bathroom, etc. is more possible. The community has been very generous by sponsoring benefits to support the Hettasch Family cause . However, her family hesitates to go to the community again during difficult economic times. They reside in Brookfield, Illinois - a cozy, nearby suburb of Chicago.

My hope is that your program will consider my daughter 's family and her house. I hope that you can use your gifts to help my daughter to change the house so that it meets the needs of Lindsay, relieves the challenges my daughter deals with to care take for Lindsay, and still seems like a house that is as normal and "homey" as possible for the rest of the family.

Thank you in advance for considering our daughter's house (The Hettasch Family) as part of your program,

One proud gram, Lorraine Bonk , (picture to follow from the Hettasch Family).

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Sorry this is coming late,but here go.My mother is the center of our family,she's giving & loving to al whom she come near.She is a mother of 4 & grandma of 9.has a her life,soon to be married.She is a surviver of abuse home as a child and in her past marrage from my father when they divorced she left him everything. very little support.Her main concern was our safty and wellness.She struggled finacially and always look on the brighter side of the situation. We As a family would volunteer time at United Way and Salvation Army.
It was a great expierianceand.And take in peolpethat that are without a home or give money ,foodher closest are fill with close that someone could need and she's always finding that person .She has a gift for reading people

dear ty, my name is d'nija rann i am 9 years old. we need a home we are living with my grandma. my grandma lives in a apartment it is a little cramped . there are four people living in this apartment only with two bedrooms. me and my brother dalwin who is fourteen have to take turns sleeping on the couch or with our grandma because my mom nikki who is thrity says that we kick her in the back. i like to play the guitar but every time i get one it ends up breaking because it is the wooden one i always wanted an electric guitar . my brother dalwin is an artist and likes michael jackson. my mom likes prince she thinks he can sing better than michael i would like for you yo do her room like ty can you please help the rann family. and also ty can we have a guest room. ty we really really need a home so can you please help us. sincerly , the rann family

Hello, Ty, I am a 40 years old mother and my husband is 42 we have 4 children and a grand child, we will soon be taking care of my grand child because my oldest daughter is getting ready to go to the navy. For the last few years it seems that we have been struggling with diabetes and have had to take off work many days do to this. And as the years go by it seems that the older my children get, the less room that we have. The air does not get very cold in the summer and the heat does not get warm enough in the winter. We are a hard working couple that do not ask for much, We just want our family to be as comfortable as possible and be the best parents that we can be. If you ca help out our family it would try be a blessing to us.
Sincerely, mesha

Dear extreme makeover

I am 17 and a student of Schurz highschool. It is my third highschool of all four years. Just as much as I have change schools, me and my family also have had our fair share of house moving. Dont get the idea that I am a bad student. I achieve at what I do , I am an athlete student. I do my best to maintain good grades. Housing situation , we live in a 2 room second floor apartment with two little stepsisters at the ages of 6 and 7, My stepmom , dad, stepgrandparents, and now one of my stepuncles. We are really pack! I know theres probably millions of applications being written to you guys and my story would probably be the least appealing but I feel that I have to try. My dad cant get a steady job because all his earnings is taken by the government due to his first marriage. His money is being taken for child support. I understand that, that is his responsibility but why now... why when my stepbrothers are all 18+. My dad has gaven them the house before he met my mom. My brothers have been left with my mom in the phillipines and is been awhile since I seen them. My stepmom she works hard to support our family and maintain a roof for our heads. Her father is now currently ill and its been really hard for the family. There is so much more I can tell you but I dont want to turn in no pity story. Although do please consider us... even just little help. It would be really great. Very much appreciate the time you have taken fore reading this. I know its late.. Thank you, god bless.

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