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Ad execs rethinking local creative awards show

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Efforts are underway to figure out exactly what kind of creative awards show the Chicago advertising community can support. Whether we continue to have a Chicago Creative Club Awards show or something else remains to be seen.

A core committee of about five people, including Two by Four's David Stevenson, Element 79's Dennis Ryan, Cramer-Krasselt's Karen Seamen and DraftFCB's Tom O'Keefe, have commissioned a study to find out if a concept for a show they have in their minds is indeed workable. Results of that study are expected in about two weeks.

Meanwhile, Stevenson said that for any awards show with a sustainable structure to be mounted in this city on an annual basis, it's important for everyone involved in producing the show -- as well as the larger ad community -- to be brutally honest about the situation here in the local ad community and about where we rate in the global ad world. And, as Stevenson intimated, we're not at or near the top right now in terms of creativity -- or in terms of the general health of the local industry. That said, it's all fine and well to do studies and try -- once again-- to figure out what kind of awards show will work best in Chicago.

But the local creative community must remember that an awards show is always going to be about handing out awards first and foremost -- no matter how much you try and make it about something else. Some people will always frown on awards shows -- that is until they are the ones being handed the awards.

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This scares the crap out of me. These folks shouldn't be running a bake-off let alone the local awards show. Seamen is a glorified cheerleader--yes Peter, whatever you say Peter--while the creatives mentioned are all mediocre at best. Ryan is a glorified producer, O'Keefe long ago sold his soul for money and bad fast food and Stevenson is a creative wannabe of the worst sort--always clamoring for attention because of an overactive ego. Shows need credibility and these folks offer little of that.

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