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Weatherman Ed Curran set to depart WBBM-Channel 2


Ed Curran.jpgA WBBM-Channel 2 spokeswoman has confirmed that weatherman and technology reporter Ed Curran will sit out the remainder of his contract at the station. No decision has been made about whether Curran will be replaced.

WBBM, like almost every TV outlet in the market, has been busy paring staff and cutting overhead the past year -- part of an effort to improve bottom line performance as advertising revenue has declined -- significantly in some instances. In recent months, Curran had been appearing on the station's early evening newscasts and occasionally filling in for lead WBBM weatherman Steve Baskerville on the flagship 10 p.m. news.

Prior to the launch of "Monsters & Money in the Morning," Curran had been the weatherman on the station's early morning show. Mary Kay Kleist has been doing weather reporting for the "Monsters" show. With Curran gone, WBBM will still have three meteorologists on staff: Don Schwenneker, Kleist and Baskerville.


I was very disappointed to see Ed Curran leave
chanel 2 news. He is such a talented and
knowledgable person with a delightful personality. It will be the stations loss,
the the 11 am news will not be the same. We
will miss him greatly!

There is an old sayling lif it aint broke don't fix it. Channel 2 is going the way of wgn. radio Ed is one of the best.

Where did Ed go???

I always liked Ed Curran. Should have gotten rid of Don and kept Ed. Nothing against Don, but he's a little dry. Ed was very witty! With all the changes, we don't watch Channel 2 anymore. I like the new morning anchor, though.

I said I would start watching channel 2 again if Monsters & Money went away................however, that will not be happening because Ed Curran is gone from channel 2 News.
Seems there have been some really bad choices and decisions being made here.

Why does CBS2 need S-O-O-O many people ?
Pare it down and let them the rest of us !!

I always watched the Channel 2 morning news because of Ed Curran. However, I quit watching when Monsters and Money started and haven't watched it since. I miss Ed Curran. I think I switched from Channel 5 news to Channel 2 when Ed moved.

I quit watching Channel 2 when they replaced the morning team with Monsters and Money, what a joke that was.

I started watching other channels for news due to the continue changes Channel 2 was making, none of which has been for the better

Channel 2 news use to have the best team of all the stations combined. After the sudden death of Randy Salerno they really suffered. Then about a year after his death, they were getting back to having a great team. Then came monsters and money in the morning...Yawn... How boring was that with all the canned laughter. What a waste that was. I quit watching because of it. Then to find out they let Ed Curran go. Another mistake for Channel 2. Look around people there is another great news station out there and it's not far up from Channel 2. Your morning show is boring boring boring..

I can't believe Ed is gone. You got rid of a great person and great team. Look at your numbers and see how well you did with the team that you had. It should go back to Ed on weather Don and Roseann with news and Susan with traffic. Why did you ruin a great team. I have always watched Channel 2 news in the morning. So I am wondering if there is some else in charge now because your Channel 2 in the morning is terrible. I don't like Channel 7 but I would rather watch that instead. Ed used to make me laugh. It was a great start to a morning.
Bring him back and go back to your great team. People are right ever since Randy passed. You got Don and that was great but stop changing things and move people back.

I still continue to miss Ed Curran on CBS news in the morning. I am a devote CBS fan while getting ready for work in the morning, but I am still sad that Ed Curran is gone. I always enjoyed his wit and personality!!!! I will always believe that Ed Curran was a huge loss for CBS. I would love to know where he ended up and is currently working. Huge fan!!

Time to bring Ed Curran and Rosanne back.

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