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More on Bob Garfield's very big exit as Ad Age ad critic


More on the Bob Garfield exit. After word began leaking out Wednesday about Bob Garfield's exit as ad reviewer from Advertising Age, the trade publication wasted no time trying to put its own spin on developments -- something to be expected, we suppose, from media types who know a little something about "spin" from first-hand experience.

Garfield, as we stated yesterday, will keep at least a finger in the Ad Age editorial mix via a column on the digital revolution called "Listenomics," per a note posted on the Ad Age Web site today by Ad Age's Abbey Klaassen. The new column's frequency was not mentioned in Klaassen's posting. Apparently, Garfield also will go into consulting, but again nothing specific about that yet.

Most interestingly, what was omitted from Klaassen's report is that a story is now being researched and written by a reporter working for Ad Age that is supposed to run concurrently with Garfield's final ad review column -- a 2,500 word opus, we're told, that he has already penned.

From what we were able to glean from one source, Garfield's farewell piece is pure, self-aggrandizing Garfield at his best. So much so, in fact, that Ad Age felt compelled to run a countervailing article to provide a more balanced assessment of Garfield's contributions to -- and place in -- Ad Age's long history.

Garfield, however, insists the accompanying article was assigned at his suggestion long before any Ad Age editor ever saw his finished farewell piece.

In any event, get ready folks. Sounds like there's some fun reading in the offing.


Do you ever get anything right, ever?

Rhetorical question. Not sure why you have -- and always have had -- such a hair up your butt for me, but I can say with certainty that your reporting on this story has been astonishingly wrong on nearly every point. And now...

"Ad Age felt compelled..."

This was my suggestion from the very beginning -- including the understanding that I would have no say as to the writer, the tone, the facts, whatever. Got that? MY idea. As for your characterization of my swan-song piece, don't you feel the slightest bit squeamish saying this stuff sight unseen?

No, of course you don't. You once reviewed an entire book of mine without bothering to read much of it.

My God, you are bad at your job.

Hey, when you finally get fired for all the ad homimem attacks and for making stuff up, try Gawker. You'd be a perfect fit.

Oh come on, Bob. Have a thicker skin and be glad he didn't make up something worse.

You're talking about a guy who reported last April that Burnett was going to lay off 400-500 people (that's one in three people who works there, btw), and it wound up being, like, 30 people.

Since you are actually "leaving" your *column* at at Ad Age, his usual rightness percentage pretty much holds.

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