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Blake Ebel and Steffan Postaer now share same title at Euro RSCG/Chicago


For reasons not fully clear to us, Euro RSCG/Chicago opted not to make public note of a promotion last month of Blake Ebel, who previously was an executive creative director at the agency -- a rung below Euro's chief creative office Steffan Postaer. But agency management quietly has upped Ebel to chief creative officer at Euro RSCG/Chicago. That's correct. The title for both execs is chief creative officer, not co-chief creative officer, which led us to wonder why, if both Postaer and Ebel now have the same title, the correct title for each wouldn't be "co-chief creative officer."

But an agency spokesman says that's not the way it's working. Why? Apparently it has something to do with Postaer's chief creative officer function extending further into various departments at the agency than does Ebel's. It's all very muddled, it seems, but management believed Ebel needed a promotion, and this was the only way to work it. So work it they did.


Everyone knows Blake has been running the place day to day for years while Steffan spends his time permeating the mediascape with his endless self-promotion.

What happened was I bet Blake my title that USA would win the Gold medal in hockey. Oops. Seriously, Blake will be doing more and so will I. We'll figure out our business cards ASAP.

two chief creative officers and the place produces crap like the michelob ultra stuff? and that awful, awful barilla work? does anybody over there care about quality control?

Thank you for proving Promethemus' point Steffan. During the middle of your so-called "workday", it took you less than 2 hours to egosurf and make a comment.

Highest paid blogger in Chicago anyone?

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