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The Smithe boys go curling in new TV spot

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Mark Smithe Ice Fishing.jpgWe've come to expect the delightfully unexpected from the the Smithe brothers of furniture empire fame, at least when it comes to their advertising initiatives. And their newest spot, set to debut during the Vancouver Winter Olympics opening ceremonies Friday night, is indeed just that. Rather than fashion a new commercial around a sport that has a high profile in the winter Olympics, the Smithes chose curling, which many Chicagoans probably know little or nothing about.

Not that the new Smithe furniture spot will help explain the sport to viewers. But it will give Chicagoans ample opportunity to watch the Smithe brothers act up on ice, which is where the sport of curling is played. There are lots of plays on words in the ad's script, which Tim Smithe, the marketing guru among the the three brothers, no doubt had a hand in crafting. And there's even a reference to that most au courant of topics -- Asian carp. The Smithe's veteran ad production executive Bill O'Neil has done his usual expert job of making the spot look great too.

1 Comment

It is beyond me how people think Smithe spots are "cute." These guys are unlikable and actually turn me off to buying anything from them.


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