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Euro RSCG/Chicago to the world: Table tennis anyone?


Biba Visits Euro RSCG Chicago.jpgThey've been feeling their Wheaties over at Euro RSCG/Chicago. Yes indeedy. When the creative geniuses there aren't intently working on new ads that positively ooze creativity and salesmanship, they've been conducting their very own table tennis tournament that they've dubbed "Paddle Royale." Remember this is the crowd that only recently returned from a little confab in that way-out-of-the-way outpost called Miami Beach.

But we digress. The tournament involves no fewer than 64 staffers at the agency -- all with varying degrees of skill at table tennis, as you might imagine. But by the time the tournament reaches its conclusion in mid-March, a winner will have been crowned. There will be no trophy, we're told, and no cash prize. Just the satisfaction of having beat 63 other contenders. FYI: An informal sponsor of Euro's table tennis tourney is Killerspin, a Chicago-based manufacturer of table tennis equipment. Killerspin even arranged for two top table tennis players -- Biba and Lupi (cute, huh?) -- to stop by the agency and offer some tips on how to play the game like a champion.


Finally... some competition. We're into our second Golden Paddle Invitational out here in the Western 'burbs. Hey RSCG/C... interested in a cross town challenge? We need some new sparring partners. If you can bring the heat, we'll bring the beer.

Competition eh? Sure let's get a cross-town challenge going. Email me and we can set it up.

Wilsom, email how? No link. Email me — (side out)

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