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Motorola goes with a celebrity and different agency for Super Bowl effort

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Motorola SB Ad.pngIs it about the sexy legs or the smart phone? Inquiring minds are wondering as Motorola prepares to debut a new spot on the Super Bowl on Feb. 7.

Motorola worked with Anomaly/New York -- not its lead agency Ogilvy/New York -- on the Super Bowl spot, which will feature a well-known celebrity and showcase a new Motoblur smart phone. Those legs seen in the teaser could very well belong to this celebrity, suggesting the spot's star is most likely a female. Or else a male with incredible gams. Motorola said it intends to keep the celebrity's identity a secret until the commercial airs during the third quarter of the big game. We'll see how good Motorola is at keeping a secret.

Motorola's whole Super Bowl push apparently is designed to kick off a new brand positioning for a company that seems to have lost its way as a marketer in recent years. Motorola opted to pass over Ogilvy for this big Super Bowl assignment. Could that mean less work for Motorola's lead agency and more for the likes of Anomaly going forward? Time, inevitably, will tell.

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