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Roosevelt University updating its image

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AlthleticsLogo.jpgEvery institution of higher learning is fighting as hard as it can to pull in students in these tough times. Many colleges and universities are freshening up their brand identities as part of that effort to attract the best and the brightest. Chicago-based Roosevelt University on Monday will introduce a new school logo, seal and a redesigned Web site -- all part of its effort to woo new students and help current students better understand what the university stands for.

In December, Roosevelt unveiled a new sports logo that combined an "R" with waves -- an image intended to suggest the university's athletics programs are about movement and energy. Chicago-based Studio Blue, a graphics design firm that has worked with educational and cultural institutions around the country, developed the new sports program logo, as well as the updated university logo and seal coming on Monday. Chicago-based mStoner developed the university's new Web site.

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I am a 1970 BGS Urban Studies graduate. Although as a communter student who also worked full time,I did not have a clear "class," I have always felt very connected to and proud of my RU alma mater with it's high academic standards combined with rich cultueral diversity with a large African American population and foreign students and accomodation of working students. I have looked only briefly at the new logo above, which is certainly modern and flowing. I hope that RU's modenrization of its image does not inadvertently lose the grit and rich legacy that is its heart. For me RU will always be that special place founded in 1945, the "poor man's U of C," the alma mater of Harold Washington, the school that gave me the opportunity to participate in Operation Crossroads Africa, andthat gave me the foundation for two later careers and subsequent graduate degrees.

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