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"Drex in the Morning" now on iPhone app

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WKSC-FM's (103.5) popular "Drex in the Morning" morning drive show is now a channel on Clear Channel Radio's iHeartradio iPhone app. Clear Channel Radio said Tuesday that the new channel was added in response to strong demand from listeners who wanted the convenience of listening to the show on their iPhone and smart phone devices. To date, the iHeartradio app has more than 4.8 million unique downloads. Users of the app can stream broadcasts from 400 radio stations, as well as digital-only channels such as Pride, Christina Aguilera Radio and Eagles Radio. "Drex in the Morning" typically reaches nearly one million radio listeners per week.

1 Comment

The best possible move for this show is to loss Angie and Mel. Frankly, they are TERRIBLE. They bring nothing to the show other than a touch of trash!! They talk over Drex and each other and simply add no value whatsoever to the show.

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