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Historic Chicago Bears/Chicago Blackhawks ad campaign is kaput

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It was to have been a first -- the first time teams from the National Football League and the National Hockey League had come together in a joint marketing effort. But the NFL has refused to green-light a joint marketing venture between the Chicago Bears and Chicago Blackhawks that was originally scheduled to debut in late October.

A Bears spokesman conceded Friday that the planned ad campaign featuring star players from the Bears and Blackhawks bantering amongst themselves in each of several15-second commercials has been canceled, even though the TV spots were finished and ready to air as long ago as mid-October. At the time the TV ad campaign was conceived of and shot, Bears management apparently believed the joint ad campaign fell within the parameters of marketing efforts the NFL will allow. But Bears management subsequently discovered otherwise.

Several months ago, the resurgent Blackhawks had eagerly pushed for the joint ad campaign because the team hoped some of Chicago sports fans' love for the Bears would brush off on the hockey team and enhance their rapidly-growing popularity even more. Now that the Bears have surprised many of the team's amazingly loyal fans by performing so poorly this season, Blackhawks management may be more relieved than disappointed that the historic ad campaign is kaput. "We have a strong bond with the Bears, and look forward to exploring other opportunities to work with the team," said a
Blackhawks spokesman.

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