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Clear Channel re-signs WKSC-FM morning drive talent


Mel T.jpgClear Channel Radio Chicago's top 40 WKSC-FM (103.5) has inked new mult-year deals with Mel T and Angi Taylor, co-hosts of the "Drex in the Morning" show. No surprise that Clear Channel would want to keep this popular radio team together. The show was ranked third in Arbitron's November ratings book among persons 18 to 34, its target demo.


Angi Taylor has become quite annoying since she first got here in Chicago. Cool at first, but now she talks more than Drex and Mel combined. Jason this Jason that - congratulations you finally have a boyfriend. Congrats that the zoloft is working for your depression and anxiety. The truth is Angi Taylor is trying really hard to become both a "celebrity wannabe" and some kind of "sex beauty" or something. Neither is going to work and she's overshadowing the true talent of the show - Drex. I don't mind Mel so much, the only thing about her is I don't think she's qualified to talk at a school like New Trier about anything...perhaps she'd be qualified to talk to the inner city Chicago public schools. Nevertheless, and I hate to say it because I know she's a mom, but, Angi has got to go. She is ruining the show completely.

Agreed. Angi sucks more than the show. I hate that "oh I'm bi so I'm cool" schtick she has. Lady, no one wants to hear you. Your pitch in your voice goes through my ear drums and causes it to bleed. At first I hated Mel's VOLUME BECAUSE SHE'S SO LOUD but over Angi? I rather take her than Angi. Ugh.

I agree! Her know-it-all attitude and down right bitchyness are too much to take. I've stopped listening because of her. Has anyone noticed that since she's arrived to the show, Mel hardly talks at all anymore?! Time for Angi to go!

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