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Brett Favre's Sears TV spot debuts


BrettFavreJPEGPics__67466[1].jpgA month ago we wrote about Brett Favre's secret trip to Chicago to film a new commercial for beleaguered retailing behemoth Sears. The indecisive (and boy has he ever proved the truth of that descriptive) Favre was called into action to tout the debut of Sears blue electronics crew, a new team of blue-shirted sales clerks being introduced to help work with customers looking to make a purchase in the electronics department. At the time of our previous writing, we wondered if Favre would prove to be a great addition to the commercial, especially in terms of helping up the spot's humor factor.

Well, the commercial from Young & Rubicam/Chicago is finished now, and we have seen it. And we can say with complete certainty one thing about it -- it's not gut-bustingly funny. Not at all. The commercial's director obviously decided to keep Favre on a very tight leash. The new Minnesota Vikings quarterback mostly stares at something off-camera and issues very brief responses to his comic foil -- the blue-shirted clerk who plays his part very down the middle. Yes, we do get the message that Farve can be indecisive, but it isn't delivered with any comedic flair. We just get a grim-faced Favre going through his carefully-scripted paces. Perhaps if the quarterback had been given a bit more leeway to improvise, the results would have been far funnier.


Wrong again. Favre delivers, and his end line is very funny. Subtle and funny. Comedy doesn't need to slap you upside the head. But then you probably think circus clowns are funny.

Eh, this one's funny.

Which is eve more remarkable considering how bad the rest of the Sears blue crew commercials are. The others are so cringe-worthy and devoid of humor, they're hard to watch. (especially the latest "pre-game" locker room pep talk). Which wouldn't be so bad if they weren't trying SO hard to be funny.

Brett sells Wrangler jeans and he sells Sears. His recent "Pants on the Ground video" was an internet hit. "Can a pants on the ground" Wrangler ad be far "behind"?

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