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Bill Kurtis brings "Cold Case Files" to WBBM-Channel 2


Former news anchor Bill Kurtis is back at CBS-owned WBBM-Channel 2 in at least a couple of capacities -- but not as a news anchor. The station said Wednesday it has picked up syndicated episodes of Kurtis' "Cold Case Files" series that originally aired on the A & E cable channel. The syndicated episodes will air Monday through Friday at 1 a.m. on WBBM, beginning Sept. 21.

Kurtis also will begin contributing a series of syndicated reports called "The Cold Case Minutes," which will debut on Sept. 22, on WBBM's flagship 10 p.m. newscast. The brief segments will be a regular feature on WBBM's late newscast. Kurtis' newscast segments reportedly will provide up-to-date information about unsolved local and national homicides and reach out to viewers for help in solving these crimes. Kurtis also will tell current stories about the work of local and national detectives who are crime detection experts.

"After more than 40 years in broadcasting, it's a wonderful feeling to come back home to WBBM-TV and bring the 'Cold Case' franchise with me," said Kurtis. "We are thrilled to have Bill contribute to our newscast much in the same way he did years ago," added WBBM News Director Jeff Kiernan.


This message is for Mr Bill Kurtis - PLEASE READ

Dear Mr. Kurtis,

I'd like to ask for your advice ..

About 6 or 7 years ago I attended a funeral of a lady I'd met face-to-face once, along with her son. I'd heard about this woman and her son many times before since she was a customer of my ex wife who was a manicurist.

She was a beautiful woman with a son that was well mannered, dressed to a "T", clean, funny and cute as hell. We bonded while I was waiting for my ex wife to finish up with his moms nails. Really a cute kid. Fell in love with him instantly. It was obvious that she kissed the ground he walked on and vice versa.

A few weeks later we learned that 5 days before her sons 5th birthday she decided to commit suicide ? I'm not sure about that ...

Between the funeral and the reception I learned from an old friend of hers that she was a well known, retired porno star. She had retired from the business because she wanted a better environment for her son. That was then ...

Now, there's a newly released internet movie that I know was shot between when I last saw her and when she "committed suicide". I think this tape is significant for many reasons of which I might be able to help ...

I met and observed people of interest, I observed things that I think warrant explanation, I've heard things that include possible bankruptcy, possibly knowing too much and why, finding items of interest,sex,the porno industry, discrepancies in stories and information between friends and family etc ..

I'd like to help my little friend get some answers.

I've setup this temporary email address to remain anonymous.

I look forward to your response, and thank you for your time


Good Day Mr. Lewis Lazare,

After watching the Faryion Wardrip Cold Case it has occurred to me that Bill Kurtis might have better luck than I have accessing arrest files on confessed, deceased serial killer John Michael Hale "Cowboy Mike."

If you're able to forward this email to the venerated and inimitable Kurtis, I would be most grateful.

I have successfully had a cold case reopened as an unsolved murder by alerting the Riverside County D.A., Police, and Sheriffs to the 1973 arrest of Hale from whose grasp my sister barely escaped. How Hale later walked on an inconclusive polygraph from the investigation is incomprehensible. Now however all case file information is off limits to the public while under investigation. So, perhaps this is a pointless pursuit (as in they'll tell Kurtis no too) until they close this present investigation.

I'm writing a screenplay about that summer in Idyllwild California, and will invite my psychic, Edward Carrion,, who can communicate with the departed.

Your response would be greatly appreciated.



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