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An open letter from Chicago Creative Club "No Show" organizers

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IMG_8953.jpgHard to believe, but it's been nearly two weeks since some 1,200 members of the Chicago advertising community trekked to the Riviera Theater in Uptown for the 2009 Chicago Creative Club Awards show. As the event's organizers -- Matt Brennock, Liz Ross and Katie Juras -- had promised, it was a different kind of evening. There were some good things (not least of all the large crowd, including many agency creative leaders), and some things that should have been handled differently.
But the 2009 event is history now, except for a few more words the show's co-organizers wanted us to help pass along to all who made it to the Sept. 10th awards show, as well as those who didn't. After carefully reviewing the contents of an open letter to the city's advertising community from Brennock, Ross and Juras, we have agreed to reprint it here to further its dissemination:

To all in the Chicago advertising community:

On behalf of the CCC 'No Show' committee, we'd like to take this, slightly belated opportunity, to say thank you to everyone who helped make this year's show an incredible success. (That would be you by the way.)
A humongous thanks, to our many generous sponsors, all the agencies and post houses who submitted work, our judges, the CAF and especially, to all who showed up 'en masse' on September 10th, to the steamy Riviera Theater to celebrate outstanding creative work and a community, which is far from being on death's doorstep.
We had the largest turn out in recorded history - sounds dramatic, even if it is ad hyperbole - for the show and in the process, proved there is still an actual community here in this, all-too-often, apathetic town.
Yes, the venue was warm. Yes too many of you failed to shut up and pay attention. And yes, the host failed to partake in a more thorough sound check. But all in all, it was an astonishingly fun time, and something we should all feel good about.
However, this night must be recognized for what it was - a wake up call. Now it's up to us all to find a way to come together for the greater good and not simply because the bar is open.
To that end, we'd like to invite one and all to join our Facebook group, 'SCMA'. We'll be hosting our second gathering in late November, and we'd love for you to be there. If you're in our industry, you belong in our group. Heck, we'd even love to see you client people join us too.
Finally, we wish to thank one of this community's biggest critics and one of its greatest supporters, for his help in making the show a success. (Ironic, ain't it?) However, he'd kill us if we called him out by name. Worse, he might take us to task in his column, and lord knows, there's no greater shame than that.

Thanks everyone. Stay awake, keep the faith and we'll see you all in November.

Matt Brennock, Liz Ross, Katie Juras.
The 'No-Show' Co-chairs.

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