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Gertrude Inc./Chicago introduces new Sea-Monkeys campaign


SwimwithSea-Monkeys.jpgGertrude Inc./Chicago has developed a new print and online ad campaign to re-introduce "The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys" to a new generation of children. The popular kids toy debuted in 1957. Gertrude Inc.'s new integrated campaign includes four print ads and an interactive microsite that brings the vintage kids toy to the Web and allows users to customize their own Sea-Monkeys tank and share it with friends. The campaign plays to a strength of the Gertrude shop, namely creating rich interactive experiences that compliment broader integrated ad campaigns.


Here's the url, since it's not mentioned in the article:

That's a very strange face to have on the example. It kind of makes me worried kids seeing these seamonkeys might scared be the homeless guy.

AnonPart2, would you be so kind as to rewrite "seamonkeys might scared be the homeless guy" into some kind of intelligible string of words (i.e a sentence). Thanks.

Wow, yeah, sorry about that.

"It kind of makes me worried kids seeing these seamonkeys might be scared by the homeless guy"

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