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WGN's Allison Payne still not ready to return to prime time


PX00014_7.JPGFor those who watch Tribune Co.-owned WGN-Channel 9 newscasts, there's still no word on when -- or if -- the recuperating Allison Payne will return to the station's flagship hour-long 9 p.m. newscast alongside co-anchor Mark Suppelsa. According to WGN News Director Greg Caputo, Payne is still recuperating from her mini-strokes, and there's "no specific timetable" for when her recuperation will be complete. In the meantime, Payne continues to co-anchor the station's half-hour early newscast, a role she has had since January.

As for the other big pending development at WGN -- namely the bringing together of WGN's unionized staff with the non-union employees of sister station CLTV -- that has apparently been pushed back to the fall, while the WGN office space is reconfigured to better accommodate both staffs. An inside source at WGN tells us the CLTV on-air staff have been asking a lot of questions about whether they'll be paid union minimums in line with their WGN brethren. And some WGN talent, we're told, are wondering whether they'll become participants -- willingly or unwillingly -- in some sort of 24/7 news reporting cycle. All will be revealed, for better or worse, sometime in the fall when Caputo said "we hope to have the CLTV folks over and up and running."


I am so happy that Allison is doing well and recovering. I was stunned to here of her illness and wish for her continued recovery. I must say that the nine o'clock news is not the same without her and Bob Jordan. I hope that she will one day return to the evening news as no one delivers it with her style and charisma.

It's called "anonymity" Blabbing in the press, talking about your sponsor. You are in the wrong progam

Hurray for you Allison, one way to weaken ones demons is to expose them. I saw you at work on the midday news, you were beautiful.

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