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Kathy O'Malley and Judy Markey to host benefit meet and greet


For the thousands of fans who undoubtedly miss them, we're sure it's been much too long since Kathy O'Malley and Judy Markey were unceremoniously dumped from their mid-morning show on Tribune Co.-owned news/talk WGN-AM (720). But here's a chance for their loyal supporters to reunite with the beloved radio hosts. On Wednesday, Aug. 19, Ann Sather Restaurant at 909 W. Belmont Ave., will host "A Visit with Kathy & Judy." It's a benefit for the Broadway Youth Center of the Howard Brown Health Center, and a chance for well wishers and loyal listeners to meet and greet the former WGN radio team.

The get-together at Ann Sather is scheduled from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and will include light refreshments and a buffet of a variety of Ann Sather specialities. The cost is $20 per person, and advance reservations are required. The number to call is 773-348-2378. The Broadway Youth Center, located at 3179 N. Broadway, offers social and support groups, housing and job placement assistance and performance classes, among other things, to all youth 24 and under.


I am so sorry I missed the event. I do miss Kathy and Judy, and have not yet forgiven WGN for "going in a different direction." I also have not figured out what direction they are going, except maybe down. I know Kathy, Judy and John Williams will land on their feet.

I am so sorry I missed the event. I do miss Kathy and Judy, and have not yet forgiven WGN for "going in a different direction." I also have not figured out what direction they are going, except maybe down. I know Kathy, Judy and John Williams will land on their feet.

I miss you on WGN...and did not learn of the event at Ann Sather Restaurant until today. I would love to tune in if you are on another station.

I just read about the event at Ann Sather Restaurant today when doing a search for your names, hoping maybe you two were on another radio station. I miss your show so much and I really don't listen to WGN anymore. I hope you are both doing extremely well.

Kathy and Judy,
I really do miss your show. I am employed by the public schools and one of my favorite things about summer was to my home chores and listen to you on the radio. You were a huge voice on Chicago radio and it is shocking that your show has not been picked up on the radio/internet radio by some other outlet. Poor Gary Meier really is horrible. I used to love him as a sidekick but he is really lacking. Please let the public know if you are going to have another radio program. Sorry to have missed you at Ann Sathers because I would have attended had I been aware of it.

I have sent some emails to the radio station expressing my bewilderment/diaappointment. I used to be a faithful listener of WGN but don't tune in much now. I would like to know if either Kathy or Judy write a blog? And,of course, if you would move to another radio station I would be overjoyed.

I miss the girls so much! does anyone knoe if there is a blog or web site or email address available to contact them?
Help! I need a fix of their humor real BAD!

I miss Kathy and Judy so much. I was a loyal listener for years. What's wrong with the folks at WGN? After they were so rudely taken off the air, I no longer listen to that station.

Our Women's Group would like to contact Kathy and Judy to speak at our event.

Does anyone know how to reach them by email?


I also miss listening to Kathy and Judy - I have not listened to WGN since they were taken off the air. I don't know what the station was thinking! I was wondering what they were doing and if there was a chance they would be on another station. I just found out about the fund raiser also and would have attended if I had known about it.

Are you back on the radio? We in downstate need your input in what is happening in the big city.

I'm sooooo lonely! Is Williams going to do "Merry Medical Christmas"?

Christmas won't be the same without Merry Medical Christmas. When Kathy and Judy played Old Friends by ABBA on New Years, it made me misty-eyed. Miss them so much.

I miss my girlfriends and hope they are well. I was wrapping gifts and sadly remembered how we used to laugh at Merry Medical Christmas. Take care and send us an update of your lives.

I miss Kathy and Judy. WGN is going down fast. It is very bias and negative, we don't need that tone in today's world. Please bring Kathy and Judy back on another station.

Still find myself wondering what K & J would think about what's in the news or what advice they might give on an issue. Wonder, too, how to get a note or card to them. Decided to dig out ABBA & listen to Old Friends about noon today. Here's to you Kathy & Judy--miss you so much!

We are sisters who STILL miss kathy and Judy. Please Please can someone advise us of what they are doing or where they are, and HOW they are doing. WGN has really screwed up with Garry Meier and Greg Jarrett (sp?)....refuse to listen...the "shuffling" and dismissals they did just do not make sense. PLEASE help us find Kathy and Judy....our friends for 20 years.

I, too, have not forgiven WGN for what management did to Kathy & Judy, and no longer listen to the station. It has been a terrible year for Chicago radio. I find myself wondering what/how K & J are doing. I miss them so much and would love to be able to hear them again. How about a podcast or a blog?

I miss Kathy and Judy so much! If I had known about the event in August I would have been there. Anything else coming up? A Facebook page? Podcast?

I miss Kathy and Judy.I listened to them for probably 10 years while I delivered mail.They are so sweet and fun.Please inform public if will be on another station.They were starting to get a bit too racy,but I love them as people.

I hope kathy and judy will be back on radio soon on another station, miss them and what they made the station, dont listen anymore to that station and would be happy to listen whereever they go,they were for all ages and walks of life, you were free to agree or disagree with no problem. please let us know whats going on with you.

OK, girls, we all miss you! Are you in the witness protection program, or what? Miss your sarcasm and I listen to your CD's in my car all the time and laugh every time.

Can't tell you how much I miss Kathy & Judy. I listened faithfully and now don't even turn on the radio. I'd listen to them no matter what station or what time they were on.

Kathy & Judy was the finest program team wgn has ever aired. I continue to miss their charming chemistry.

Thought of the girls today when Regis Philbin announced they were looking for women in radio to co-host "Live with Regis and Kelly". Would love to see them together again. Have not been able to listen to wgn since they left.

I exchanged several e-mails with Kathy O'Malley over the years that I was a fan. There was always some story or caller's story that sparked something to make me laugh or remember. I am so disappointed in WGN for letting them go and have not found anything about that radio station to cling to anymore. From Spike to the girls was my morning. From the rest of the blogs I've been reading, WGN has lost a huge listenership, considering few of us are silly enough to add our remarks. The silent majority. Bad WGN, bad bad.

So glad to hear something about Kathy and Judy. We miss them SO much. Almost everyone on WGN now is so negative and hateful. And they keep repeating the same discussions on every show. Don't they listen to each other's shows? Probably they dislike them as much as all the rest of us. After a total of 146 years of listening to WGN, even tho we live in western IL., we have finally given up and listen to local stations, except for Cubs games and we are looking for a different one for that. I suppose the next to go will be Ron and Pat. Miss you, Kathy and Judy.


I still ache for Kathy and Judy. I can't stand WGN at all anymore other than John Williams, and finding him can be a challenge now too, so I don't bother. All they have is yappy crabby white men ranting about nothing. WGN dumbed itself down. Very sad. I once used to have it on all the time. Can't stomach all the hatred they spew out now. Kathy and Judy: know that you are deeply loved by thousands out here. And thank you for the joy and laughter you brought to my life for so many years. I am grateful.

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