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DDB/Chicago takes aim at CDW -- the hardball way

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When it comes to prevailing in new business pitches, DDB/Chicago doesn't have much to show for its efforts of late -- having lost out in a bid for the Radio Shack account that agency insiders, we're told, were confident was winnable. The fact that DDB has no chief creative officer may have had something to do with its failure to nab Radio Shack. Or it just may be that the shop's pitch didn't resonate with the intended audience.

But whatever the case, DDB now appears to have learned how to play hardball to stay in the running for new business as long as possible. DDB is one of several shops still believed to be contending for the CDW ad account, which has been quietly in review. Vernon Hills-based CDW is a reseller of computer hardware and related supplies. Sources say that when it became apparent that DDB was about to be eliminated from the review, DDB parent Omnicom Group, which just happens to be a CDW customer of some size, ever so subtly dropped hints it might have to rethink vendors for its computer supplies.

Needless to say, the hints were heard. DDB has remained in the review, we're told. Sources now say a decision on which agency will win the CDW account is expected shortly.

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