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Schafer Condon Carter/Chicago unveils new Bare campaign

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SoloBareAd.jpgLike many other companies trying to craft an environmentally-friendly image, Solo Cup Co. is introducing new products fashioned from renewable materials such as sugar cane, bamboo and corn. Solo's big push in this direction, which launched last week, is called Bare, a line of single-use plates and cups. The debut print and television ad campaign from Schafer Condon Carter/Chicago is a simple attempt to suggest that the new Bare products are better for the environment through the use of copy such as "compostable," "recyclable" and "renewable." A single green leaf is another motif used in both the print and television executions to underscore Bare's connection to nature and the environmentally-friendly aspect of the new plate and cup line. The only aspect of the campaign that doesn't really work is the tagline "Inspired by real life." We're not quite sure what part of "real life" the tag is referencing, but the line sounds like it might be a better fit with a television show than it is with a collection of eco-friendly plates and cups.

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