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Obama and his Blackberry take center stage in new book

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Hauser_ObamaBlackberryHC.JPGIn the fierce battle for brand dominance between Blackberry and iPhone, the former gets a nice boost next month with the release of a wicked little tome called "Obama's Blackberry" (Little, Brown; 137 pgs. $13.99). As we all know, President Barack Obama came to the White House terribly attached to his Blackberry -- a fact that we're sure hasn't made the folks at Apple very happy. They'd much rather the President be wedded to an iPhone. But we digress.

A San Francisco-based comedy group known as Kasper Hauser has penned this witty little book of made-up emails between Obama and various entities ranging from First Lady Michelle to George W. Bush, Joe Biden, Queen Elizabeth, Oprah and Abraham Lincoln. A lot to and from Lincoln. They're all served up to amuse and delight, but in the process, the emails do capture a certain something about each of the parties involved, such as Biden's literal-mindedness, bordering on flat-out dumbness. Perhaps not unexpectedly, Kasper Hauser has done a particularly good job of summoning up the looney spirit of George W., who, in the midst of a panic attack, emails Obama to ask if his beloved, but missing-in-action dog Barney has, per chance, returned to his old stomping grounds.
It's all fun fluff. But there's no denying it's a great plug for Blackberry too.

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