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Ex-Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago creative Scott Wild's next big thing

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Scott Wild, a semi-legend in the Chicago advertising community, stopped by for a visit today, along with an apprentice named Tucker Loosbrock, a recent graduate from advertising school who is helping Wild with his latest project.

Wild has been doing a lot of freelance work since he departed Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago, where he was a group creative director who pulled down a handsome salary of around $250,000 a year. Some who work in the trenches in Chicago's ad community were aghast when they finally learned just how much Wild was making at C-K, but the agency paid him royally because they believed he could help elevate the shop's creative profile. And for a while Wild did do just that, until it became apparent he never was going to be a good fit at the shop. Wild's income today is nowhere near what he commanded at Cramer-Krasselt. He unabashedly informed us while he was in our office that he made $68,000 last year. "And you can print that," he told us. So we have.

Now, Wild, with Loosbrock's help, is embarking on a new venture developing subject-specific Web sites that he hopes will attract interested visitors who will contribute content and, in turn, pull in more visitors. Wild calls his start-up the Run Wild Network, and he wants to sell the "group creation network" concept to ad agencies and companies looking to leverage the Web's assets. Wild tested his concept with the development of the project. As Wild traveled around the country last year promoting the site and the end of the George Bush regime, over 5,000 people, by Wild's count, eventually participated in creating events for the site.

If his new Run Wild venture should fail -- something Wild isn't anticipating at this juncture -- he figures he can always fall back on his basic advertising skills. And Wild isn't shy about touting those. In his brochure for the Run Wild Network, Wild describes himself as the "international (sic) acclaimed advertising writer and creative director."

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