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Twitter: here for the long haul?

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Something to tweet about. According to new research from Nielsen Online, Twitter may not be quite the next big thing some of its fans would have us believe that it is. It appears that a lot of newcomers to Twitter aren't sticking with the still relatively new platform for micro-blogging. In fact, new Nielsen Online data suggests a whopping 60 percent of those who sign up to use Twitter in any given month are no longer using it a month later.

The low user retention rates have led many more skeptical observers of the heavily-hyped Twitter phenomenon to question whether it will be around for the long haul because at some point not enough new users will sign up to replace the large numbers who are constantly defecting.

There are perhaps some legitimate uses for the quick info bits that comprise Twitter, but as a mass communication tool it strikes us as more of a passing fad -- especially among young users who no doubt will quickly tire of sending out and receiving vast amounts of often dull minutiae about their daily lives.

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