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Tom Jordan book tackles advertising to women

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It has been said that women control more than 80 percent of all purchasing decisions. Yet more than 70 percent of all advertising is created, approved and selected by men. Furthermore, research suggests women and men respond differently to brand messaging, so what works for men doesn't always work for women. Consequently, much of today's advertising does not resonate with women. That is a problem that Tom Jordan, executive creative director at Hoffman York, an agency with offices in Chicago and Milwaukee, has addressed head on in his new book "Re-Render the Gender," which can be ordered via
The book includes a series of ads that have been researched by online panels, focus groups and other independent services to help readers understand what messaging works -- or does not work -- with women. Jordan's book also examines how the pursuit of creative excellence and the powerful influence of awards can distract marketers and agency creatives. Such distractions make agencies focus on creating edgy advertising that too often misses the mark.

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