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Midas is gone from DDB/Chicago

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While we wait and wonder if DDB/Chicago ever will name a new creative leader, the agency still is losing accounts. Midas, the chain of car maintenance shops, quietly exited the agency in January and moved its ad business to Moroch & Associates in Dallas, Tex. Midas had been a DDB client since 2003. Around the time Midas exited DDB, longtime DDB creative Gary Alfredson, who had worked on the business, also left the agency. A Midas spokesman said Alfredson had worked on a radio campaign for Midas after he and the company's account left DDB. Midas apparently has revamped its advertising strategy to focus more on tailoring ads to individual markets rather than running national brand advertising. Moroch reportedly has extensive experience regionalizing marketing efforts. Moroch also works with other franchisors, including McDonald's.

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