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Michael Herlehy: a progress report

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A bit of good news on the Michael Herlehy front. Don Brashears of Tom Dick & Harry Advertising/Chicago, tells us Herlehy, who is a founding partner at the agency, was back in Chicago recently to visit his family for a few days. Herlehy has been staying in Houston, where is undergoing extensive treatment for a recurrence of Hodgkin's cancer. Brashears said Herlehy came to the TD&H office for a couple of hours and was in good spirits. Brashears also told us Herlehy's treatment is still in the early stages, and it is still unclear when he can receive the planned bone marrow transplantation. But Brashears is hopeful Herlehy may be back at the agency around Sept. 1.

Meanwhile, the Herlehys have announced they are expecting their third child in September. Congrats are in order!

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