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Chicago White Sox TV rating can't match that of Chicago Cubs

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PX212_3FF2_7.JPGComcast SportsNet would have us believe the Chicago White Sox season opener Tuesday on the sports cable channel drew huge television ratings. But that wasn't really the case. At least not in comparison to the Chicago Cubs season opener that aired Monday on CSN. The early afternoon game time may have been a factor in the lower White Sox ratings.

The White Sox opener against the Kansas City Royals pulled a 3.23 rating for the live afternoon telecast, and scored a 4.24 peak rating during the 3:15 p.m. quarter hour. The previous high rating for a White Sox season opening game came on Apr. 4, 2005 game against the Cleveland Indians, which had a 2.38 rating on CSN.

1 Comment

The Sun-Times is a liberal rag so you'd think they'd favor the Sox, the real underdog in Chicago. They obviously don't. Why? Because they're elitists, feigning a concern for the "common man", so long as that common man is far from them. The Sox are the working class team, the Cubs are the Yuppie team. In their coverage of these two teams, the Sun-Times reveal their true colors.

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