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WYCC-Channel 20 goes all-digital early

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WYCC-Channel 20 will switch to all-digital broadcasting on April 16, 2009. Channel 20's all-digital launch is earlier than previously announced and 58 days prior to the federal deadline for all stations to go digital. The station said it will continue to broadcast its regular programming on Channel 20 and will develop expanded programming on digital channels. The digital format provides heightened picture and sound quality.,As an added benefit, digital-only broadcasting will allow WYCC to be more environmentally friendly. The analog shut-off will drop the station's carbon footprint from 700 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually to just over 100 tons.

The A.C. Nielsen company has reported that as of March 15, 96.5 percent of Chicago area viewers were equipped to received the federally-mandated digital signals. WYCC will continue to promote awareness of the national changeover to all-digital broadcasting to help get out the word to those who have not yet made provisions for the change.

WYCC-Channel 20 is a public broadcast station operated by -- and licensed to -- the City Colleges of Chicago.

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I was disappointed when Sit and Be Fit went off of the air at 2:30pm and just found it at 7:30 am. I love these exercises. I am 81 and they are perfect for me. What I am concerned about, is that this is not a good time for me to do exercises. Some of us at our age are just not ready to wake up to this activity. Wishing it could go back to the afternoon when I need refreshing, I remain Jane Reid

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