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Chicago 2016 preps video splash

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PX00049_7.JPGYea, we're stuck -- at least for now -- with a new tag line ("Let Friendship Shine") and a star logo for Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid that fail to impress. Though executives with the Chicago 2016 bid committee haven't exactly been talking up any of it, there is more to come in the way of marketing materials connected to the Olympic bid -- specifically several short videos that will be shown to the International Olympic Committee's Evaluation Commission when they reach Chicago in early April.

We're not sure exactly why the videos aren't being promoted with much zeal. Perhaps it's because the Chicago 2016 committee thinks the bang will be bigger if the work is kept under wraps until the big unveiling for the Commission.

In any event, on Friday our spy caught sight of one Chicago 2016 video being filmed by a crew headed by director Tony Scott's director of photography. The crew was spotted at Union Station, which is a local landmark of sorts. As our spy also noted, "these films will be a good indication of the quality of the end game for this (Olympic) pitch." Indeed.

Tony Scott is the brother of director Ridley Scott. Tony Scott has directed a number of films too, including "Top Gun" and "The Last Boy Scout."

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