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WGN-Channel 9 and CLTV to integrate operations

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This just in. Tribune Broadcasting said Wednesday it intends to "integrate" the operations of its 24-hour cable news station CLTV with Chicago's very own WGN-Channel 9. Of course, in this day and age, "integrate" is one of those euphemisms that typically get trotted out when a company is looking to do some serious downsizing. A Tribune spokesman confirmed that integrating the staffs of the two stations is likely to result in some layoffs, but exactly how many has not yet been determined. Also still to be worked out is how WGN's unionized on-air talent will work alongside CLTV's non-unionized anchors and reporters. Tribune may try to cut a deal with the union that would allow on-air talent at both stations to move back and forth between the two television outlets. But when all the integration dust has settled by the summer of this year, Tribune Broadcasting says CLTV will continue to operate as stand-alone channel.

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