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Marti Barletta's party crowd rates the Super Bowl ads

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Marti Barletta, a prominent Chicago-based author and consultant who specializes in marketing to woman, handed out a scorecard to the men and women with whom she was watching the Super Bowl last Sunday. She collected the cards at the end of the game and tried to discern if there were any notable differences in the way the men and women attending her party rated the ads. She discovered both sexes pretty much agreed about which ads were funny and which flopped. Barletta's partygoers laughed at the Pepsi Max male-focused "I'm Good" spot, but at the end of the spot, they couldn't make the connection between all the antics and the cola. Two popular commercials with the Barletta crowd were the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdale spots "Stick" and "Circus." And Coca-Cola's charming "Heist," which showed insects stealing a bottle of cola, was deemed visually "gorgeous." "Heist" was also praised for delivering on the "Open Happiness" tag line. Coke Zero's "Mean Troy," however, got a big thumbs down from the Barletta crowd. But the big winner was E-Trade's baby spot, which featured a singing sidekick this year. Barletta's survey participants found it both "funny and heartwarming." Maybe. But the concept was recycled.

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