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Mancow reaches out to disc jockey wannabe Julio Osegueda

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It's hard work being a high-profile on-air radio talent. Just ask Mancow Muller, who's trying with each new day to fully sort out his complicated on-air relationship with his mid-morning co-host Pat Cassidy, even as both of them work on tweaking their talents to comfortably fit the mold at news/talk WLS-AM (890). All of which is partly why Muller called to tell us he is trying to organize an on-air DJ audition for one Julio Osegueda, a previously unheralded Florida resident who is trying to juggle his responsibilities as a McDonald's worker with classes at college, where he is studying communications.

Osegueda would probably have gone on doing what he does without anyone, including Muller, paying much attention had he not caught the eye of one President Barack Obama, who singled the young man out in a crowd earlier this week and let him talk in front of a microphone. With his arms flailing, Osegueda put on quite a show for the President, who for reasons we can't fathom seemed to conclude the young man had some genuine communications skills that might help him achieve his career goals.

Which brings us to Muller, and his efforts to get Osegueda in a radio studio to find out just how much talent the man has as a disc jockey and what he could achieve. Yes, it's mostly a stunt, but Muller needs something new to keep himself and the public entertained should his current fascination with Drew Peterson start to wane. Last we heard from Muller, he hadn't finalized a firm date for Osegueda's on-air audition. But it could happen. Any minute.

Meanwhile, we'll let the public draw its own conclusions about another of Muller's auditions already in progress, namely that of exiled former WMAQ-Channel 5 reporter Amy Jacobson. "I need a female sidekick," said Muller. Could she be the one?

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