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Leo Burnett fumbles the John Condon exit

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So the plot thickens. After we reported Friday that John Condon appeared to be out as Leo Burnett/Chicago's chief creative officer and then heard nothing from Burnett after attempting to reach an agency spokesperson for official comment, Burnett now is playing coy about Condon's current and future status with the agency. But all signs indicate Condon's future won't involve running Burnett's creative department, though an agency spokeswoman maintained Monday that Condon still is the top creative today -- as this is written.

As we also reported on Friday, sources continue to say Condon may have been offered a lesser post in the agency's creative department that he could take if he were willing to swallow his ego and accept such a role. If Condon concludes his employment prospects beyond Burnett are slim to nil in the current economic environment, the dethroned creative leader just might opt for a lesser job at the agency. But it could make for an uncomfortable situation within Burnett's creative department.

The confusion at Burnett about how to handle -- from a public relations standpoint -- Condon's exit from the top creative post may stem in part from concerns about clients that hadn't yet been fully prepped for an upheaval within the agency's creative unit. It's also entirely possible Burnett doesn't yet have it's post-Condon creative leadership game plan fully in place, so it is letting Condon and his fate twist in the wind while the agency figures out where it goes from here. And believe us when we say there is a lot to figure out.

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