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Bandwidth Marketing Group offers a viral ode to O-Cedar

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It's definitely what we'd describe as painting in broad strokes. Very broad strokes. O-Cedar, the hardy little company that's been making mops and brooms for over a century, was looking for ways to spread the word about a spring promotion that includes 50 free music downloads with the purchase of a mop or broom. The company turned to Winnetka-based Bandwidth Marketing Group for some up-to-the-minute suggestions about how to use viral marketing to get out the message about the spring offer.

Bandwidth obliged with a video that has just been posted on YouTube. The video in questions does indeed show artist Allen Addington using several brooms to paint a large image of the composer Beethoven. Through the magic of editing, the entire process of creation takes a mere 43 seconds in the video, but we suspect it took somewhat longer in real time. However long it took to paint, we must say the finished portrait looks great.

And to think it was all done with brooms. O-Cedar should be happy. Beethoven probably would be too. And we know O-Cedar customers will be thrilled to get the 50 song downloads along with their highly utilitarian broom. Or mop.

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