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Peyton and Eli Manning vs. Venus and Serena Williams in Oreo licking

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full-lickoff[1].jpgIt ain't pretty, but at least it's a competition involving some pretty high-profile athletes. On Sunday, football pros Eli and Peyton Manning will take on tennis greats Venus and Serena Williams in the latest edition of the ongoing "Double Stuf Lick Race," a commercial designed to see which of two teams can best twist, lick and dunk Oreos, a cookie brand that is a unit of Northfield-based Kraft Foods. The Williams sisters and the Peyton brothers are among the most intensely competitive athletes in professional sports today, so it's not surprising that this new commercial from DraftFCB does capture some of the natural intensity these stars bring to any competitive endeavor.

But this commercial is primarily an exercise in licking and dunking Oreos, so aside from the star power contained therein, this spot doesn't offer much that is visually interesting. Unless, of course, you find licking Oreos to be a gripping bit of business. There's also some silliness involving a punctured blimp, which provides the commercial's limp punch line. Anything for a yuck, you know.

This new star-powered Oreo spot is slated to debut during the NFC Championship Game on Sunday. And the spot, in part, will serve to advise fans of Oreo licking that they may win a trip to the championship lick race in July, and a private coaching session with the Manning brothers and Williams sisters. Now that kind of offer just might be enough to prompt a large number of viewers to start practicing up on their competitive licking.

Lew's view: C+

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