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MIssing the Marathon

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I'm sitting at NBC in Washington D.C. covering the Kirk/Giannoulias debate but part of my heart is back home in Chicago where the marathon is filling the streets of the city.
I've run two Chicago Marathons---in 2000 and 2001---and each was an amazing, exhilarating, challenging experience.

The generosity of the spectators is what I remember most.

Why in the world would people come out to cheer a bunch of maniac runners crazy enough to try and finish 26.2 miles? I have no idea but what I learned was that without their encouraging words and cheers and enthusiasm, I might never have finished. It bouyed me as I began to flag. Sometimes it made me laugh out loud like when 4 guys in drag---high heels and flapper dresses---were informal cheerleaders on the sidelines.

The Marathon is a fantastic experience. The best part may well be the citizens who support it.

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Is sitting here in Grand Rapids Michigan dying in side wishing she was in Chicago watching and supporting her Son Terry Kraus run the marathon for his 2nd time. I had back surgery 1 month ago and made the decision that it would not be in my best health interest to be around 1.7 million fans with my limitations. But my heart is with my Son and all the runners. God Bless you all.

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