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Gloria Steinem: Looking Fabulous

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Gloria Steinem came to Chicago Wednesday to stump for Democratic politicians and for her own Women's Media Center.

The feminist icon---whether you love her or hate her---remains brainy, unafraid of causing controversy, and utterly effective in communicating the gap that remains between women and their rights.

But superficial as this may sound, at 76 she looks fabulous. A friend of mine, watching the interview Steinem and I did last night on WTTW's Chicago Tonight, wanted me to ask Steinem how she manages to still be a babe. I didn't. But she gives life to the notion that if your brain is engaged, your skin somehow benefits.

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Carol. Great interview.......Ironic that you are wearing glasses and that Gloria is not! Her aviator frames were iconic.

Written by a stuck in the mud conservative.

Steinem has noticeably aged and is not as good-looking as she once was. And her rhetoric is the same old limousine liberal tripe nonsense sold with an arrogance borne of her years of the high life fro mher success. Steinem has to play her audience just like Carol Marin does by selling this stuff. Overall, unconvincing and tired. No Sale.

(((Thanks for the comment! Best, Carol Marin)))

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