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End the denial. Chicago street gangs in the suburbs.

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That includes my own childhood home of Rolling Meadows.
The story airs on NBC5@10P.
And I'll post a link soon.

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2 thoughts...

1.) legalize drugs and gangs go away
2.) the idea of knocking down the projects in Chicago and re-distributing its residence has some validity. the idea is that if you spread them out, and get them away from their rival gangs, they won't need to be in a gang any longer.

Gangs in Rolling Ghettos ?? Of course !!! Many Low-income suburbs have the same problems.

I still do not understand why people find this story surprising. Daley's plan for ridding Chicago of street gangs is simple; first he closes down the projects and then tells the section 8 recipients that they can move to the suburbs. Cleaning Chicago up one day at time by sending all the troubled youth to the suburbs. If you do not like the idea of your suburbs turning into the ghetto-burbs then I suggest you call City Hall.

Thank you for bringing this crucial issue the attention it needs! I am a teacher in one of the most violent communities in Chicago. I grew up in Blue Island; my hometown has always suffered at the hands of gang that originate in Chicago. Perhaps if lawmakers realize the pervasive, insidious nature of this situation, they will FINALLY affect change that is meaningful for the countless innocent youth that don't deserve to live in a war-zone.

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