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Jon Burge, former Chicago Police Commander, arrived in federal court this week to watch as jurors were selected for his trial. Torture is not the charge though torture of black suspects is what his name represents to an estimated 110 black suspects who claim that's what Burge and his men did to them from the late 1970's until the early 1990's. The charge is perjury and obstruction of justice, all that's left of the government's case given the statute of limitations. The trial could last 5 weeks. -30-

The Republican candidate for governor of Illinois, Senator Bill Brady of Bloomington, will be my guest on WTTW's Chicago Tonight at 7PM.
And there is a lot to talk about including the state budget calamity and Brady's stance on social issues.
Well-known in Downstate Illinois, Brady is trying to spend more time in Chicago and the suburbs where is he less well-known.
Join us tonight on Channel 11@7!

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