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Just how much safer will full body scans at airports make us in this war on terror?
There's a real debate on that.
And here are two experts on the law and on terrorism who seem to have their own questions about whether airport scanners provide a real or a false sense of security.


Just about everything.
Tonight the debate about these latest weapons in the war on terrorism on Chicago Tonight on Channel 11 at 7P....Join us!

It isn't that we haven't heard the warnings before.

In fact, Civic Federation President Laurence Msall has been telling the terrible truths of Illinois' drastic, looming crisis for years now.

Is anyone in power listening? Here's Msall on Monday's "Chicago Tonight."


Join us tonight at 7PM on Chicago Tonight (Channel 11) as Civic Federation boss Lawrence Msall describes what his organization views as the terrible truth. Major cuts, tax increases, taxes on pensions.

What's so interesting about all this is that Msall is no big liberal, nor is his organization.
He has worked for two Republican governors in his career. And yet Republicans in the General Assembly are so far saying "no dice."

We will have it all: Dillard & Brady on the set together, Toni Preckwinkle and Roger Keats, Mark Kirk and a lively roundtable with myself, Joel Weisman, the Trib's Bruce Dold and the Reporters' Alden Loury. Try to join us if you can!

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