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Quinn and Hynes: Playing for Keeps

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The tightness of this Democratic primary race for governor is evident on the faces of the Governor Pat Quinn and Comptroller Dan Hynes as they campaigned today.
Quinn at Alderman Ed Burke's 14th ward.
Hynes at a Haiti fundraiser at the Wrigley Field ice rink.
Quinn at an SEIU/Teamster rally.
Hynes at an afternoon press conference.

Hynes who was behind in double-digits, has pulled within reach because of the traction of two strong ads.

One dealt with the Quinn early inmate release programs that had to be suspended because it was plagued with problem inmates getting out.

The other was the hugely powerful Harold Washington ad that reached back two decades to the voice of the iconic Washington blasting Quinn and explaining why he fired him as his Revenue Director.

Those campaign commercials brought Hynes up in poll numbers.

The Quinn camp, two days out from the primary, are counterpunching as hard as they can.

Yes, there are.
And so the Quinn camp has redoubled its charges that Hynes horribly mishandled the Burr Oak Cemetery situation, citing documents suggesting that Hynes' office could have and should have known there were big problems with graves and human remains.

The tension, the charges, and the personal nature of this battle raises some real questions about Democratic unity going into November and about how either of these candidates could possibly endorse the other.
Stay tuned.

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