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Give It to Houlihan for Doing a Good Job

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James Houlihan, an Irish-Cathloic-Chicago politician is, well, a politician.
And an operator. Maybe in the best sense of that word. As the Assessor of Cook County, a powerful job, he has taken campaign donations from the real estate attorneys who plead for reductions in the client's taxes. But he has also managed to run his office with efficiency, transparency, and attention to the taxpaying public. No small task.
Now Houlihan is retiring. He's 66 and ready to reboot. Try something new. Teach, perhaps.
But what are the taxpayers of the county left with as a choice for his replacement?
And what does it say about all the reform legislators claim to have delivered to us lately?
Well, you be the judge.,CST-EDT-Carol06.article

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You could of given Sharon Ekersall a mention in your article. She is the former Township Assessor from Evanston and is the Republican candidate for Cook County Assessor.

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