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Carlos Hernandez Gomez: The battle

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carlos-gomez-cltv-tribute.jpgMany of you have sent emails or made posts to the column I wrote in November about Carlos Hernandez Gomez's fight with colon cancer.
When I visited him Wednesday, I asked if he'd like me to provide an update in this space and he said absolutely.
Carlos is at home, not in the hospital.
Though he would love to be back at work at WGN-TV reporting on all the political races being run, it's out of the question for the moment.
Carlos is undergoing chemotherapy for the colon cancer that has traveled to his stomach and liver. His gorgeous thick hair is a little thinner now. He keeps his feet up to minimize swelling. And he cannot eat solid food. Though, boy, how he'd love an Italian beef from Johnnies in Elmwood Park.
His wife, Randi Belisomo (also a WGN-TV reporter) is his biggest cheerleader and faithful nurse. She and Carlos told me they'd been to a Chinese healer this past week who told them every time they say the word "cancer" they have to balance it out by also saying the words, "shrink and dissolve". In other words, forcefully willing the cancer away.
Carlos and Randi have deep faith. And this illness, they said, is re-ordering their approach to what they want to accomplish in life. Carlos says he has made a promise to God that if he can get well, he'll spend the rest of his life trying to bring fallen-away Catholics back to the church. Randi wants to become a Eucharistic minister to help married couples through serious illnesses.
In their sunny condo on Wednesday, there was a lot of realistic talk about the difficulty of this journey but there was also a forceful measure of determination and courage and a lot of hope.
So, all you Carlos friends and fans, three words to leave you with: Shrink and dissolve!

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Carlos is truly a heroic figure. He took on the now defunct Hispanic Daley/Democratic Organization; understandable if you are a non-Latino reporter but a Latino openly critical of that organization, you would have to watch your back and the windows of your house.
I admire his work and that same tenacity now applies to his resolve to "shrink and dissolve" the big C......Here is one big agnostic prayer!

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