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Blogging and Roger Ebert On My Shoulder

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1 Jan 09

Roger Ebert, for a variety of reasons, is a hero of mine.
And he is responsible for my New Year's resolution to try to diversify my writing. And to see if I have the discipline to maintain this mostly-neglected Sun-Times blog of mine.
Roger, as everyone knows, is a brilliant critic and writer.
Beyond that, he is someone who has not permitted major medical problems to get in the way of the work he loves. Amazingly, since his surgeries, he has become, if it's possible, more prolific. And the reach of his writing has only expanded. Film, yes, always. But politics. And social commentary. And so much more. It's been stunning.
When we last saw each other a month or two ago at a Sun-Times event, I told him I was going use him as my inspiration and motivation to try and write in new and different ways.
He nodded his encouragement and gave me his classic thumbs up.
And so today marks the beginning, I hope, of a new turn on the writing road.
I'll keep you posted on how it's going.
Thank you, Roger.
And Happy New Year to you and Chaz!

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1 Comment

Be careful not to bury your writings where others do not get to comment on each. Obviously, if planning to blog a new item daily with no time taken to post relevant comments, you will find this task tedious. And your writings will began to dwindle while readership slows down again.

Do you need to get out the nibbles and bits of a story first or will you seek to attain accuracy where discourse further the topic?

A reasonable writing discussed for a few days is much better than an excellent blog entry buried under several more with no dialogue at all.

Good luck trying.

(((From Carol Marin: Douglas, good advice..Thanks so much. Best, CM)))

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