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Todd Stroger Plays His Ace---and Cleans Up

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September 2, 2009

BY CAROL MARIN Sun-Times Columnist

No wonder Todd Stroger looked so darned happy at Tuesday's Cook County Board meeting.

He knew he had a surprise vote to pull from his pocket -- like a rabbit from a hat -- to show his critics he is the Big Tuna of Cook County.
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Carol Marin

The embattled Stroger had heard the ominous news reports. The predictions that he would get his lunch handed to him, that commissioners would finally overrule him on his hated, highest-in-the-nation sales tax.

Not since the Ice Age (practically) had majority Machine Democrats and minority spineless Republicans teamed with reformers to stare down the mighty president of Cook County.

It was going to be "history-making."

Yada yada.

Reformers, return to your caves.

Todd Stroger's win is no small deal.

He proved he's someone to be reckoned with.

And that his victory, even in the face of terrible Cook County unemployment, high foreclosures, and consumer flight to collar counties with lower sales taxes, is something to sit back and study.

Especially if you are Mayor Richard M. Daley and his brother, County Commissioner John Daley.

John Daley is head of the county's powerful Finance Committee. The Daleys have been Stroger allies dating back to Todd's father and predecessor, John Stroger.

Thus, John Daley's reproof of Stroger, his willingness to repeal part of the sales tax, was a sign from the Daleys that Todd Stroger was in big political trouble and needed to rethink his career path.

But now comes the Chicago parking meter revolt and Olympic discontent. And the lone African American in the U.S. Senate, Roland Burris of Illinois, is beginning to look less like an opportunist and more like a martyr. And then there's Gov. Quinn, throwing himself into reverse over the removal of the entire University of Illinois Board of Trustees to make an exception for two African Americans.

There is a simmering resentment in the African-American community that could reach a boil in the coming 2010 election.

It's something Todd Stroger is counting on.

Yes, Barack Obama, a black man from Chicago, is president. But here at home? There is no longer an African American in top leadership in the Illinois General Assembly since Senate President Emil Jones retired; no evident enthusiasm from the state Democratic Party for the African-American candidacies of Chicago Urban League President Cheryle Jackson, who is running for U.S. Senate, or former legislator Robin Kelly, who's running for state treasurer; no apparent African-American candidate in the governor's race.

Meanwhile, federal investigators continue to ask questions about U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson's alleged negotiations with Rod Blagojevich for appointment to the U.S. Senate. And there's a federal indictment of Ald. Isaac Carothers on matters of zoning. Not to mention the fight over another Wal-Mart in black neighborhoods, opposed, in significant part, by powerful white aldermen.

Is there a double standard here, African Americans ask?

Even black candidates who seriously -- and properly -- question County Board President Todd Stroger's leadership are treading carefully right now as they oppose him.

Like I said, Todd Stroger's victory today is no small thing.

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It was upsetting, but halarious!
Lisa Madigan(and her dad, whom I e-mail, informing him that I'm aware of his daughter unprofessional behavior), are not individuals that I have confidence in anymore.
They BOTH are just like Stroger! They ALL, need to be ousted out and will NOT receive my vote, for as we all know, it election time and they are still playing that if you vote for me game and not producing anything good, so I'm ready to give someone else a chance, just like they have had theirs!
Enough is Enough!

I usually have nothing good to say about either Stroger. I have been a patient at Cook County hospital for almost 16 years, and have seen just how neglected the hospital was under Stroger Sr. When he was ready to get rid of doctors and nurses to balance the budget, I was ready to start protesting outside of his house... now, he is putting forth a small tax increase to provide health care to the poor -- I do not know how anyone can object to this. We provide a Trillion dollars to million -heirs (sic) on Wall Street who caused our financial problems, and then dis' the poor over their actions by deciding they should get no money? I think our hypocrisy is showing. Todd deserves kudos for standing up for someone besides himself, for a change.


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