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Memo to Blago: It's Not Always About You

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Christopher Kelly will be buried today.

HIs story is one of great business success, political access, federal indictment and death by his own hand.

He was Rod Blagojevich's friend and fundraiser.

And our indicted ex-governor wants to make sure you know he'll be there:

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Cool website, like what I have read. Will definitely be back to read again.

He is going to this funeral today (where he is not wanted) like he is going to a party to celebrate himself and he thinks everyone else is there for him as well...somehow in his sick deranged mind he thinks Chris Kelly sacrifised himself for Milorad and "the greater good" translation(don't rat on a friend)...When the fact is poor Chris Kelly had severely messed up priorities, instead of putting himself, his wife and his three kids' first he put making money and friends first...Sadly enough it's a mistake a lot of people make.
Milorad Blagojevich you have mental health issues...get help!

I would love to see Milorad at this funeral work the room like he was running for President, when half the people there blame him for their friends death and the other half just hate his guts. How does someone become as delusional as Milorad???

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